Base 211 is all about Aliens

Once every three months in Antarctica voyages research ship Scabland. For several years, Antarctica was sent mining equipment and other machinery, including railroad trucks and large cutters for tunneling. To supply the “Base-211” used by 35 of the largest submarines, with which removed the arms and adapted for the delivery of goods. In addition to them, according to the American colonel Mandela Stevens, who worked at the end of the war in the intelligence, the Germans built eight large cargo submarines. All of them were launched and only used for the delivery of freight to the secret “Base 211 alien“.

By the end of the war, the Germans had nine research enterprises for which tested projects of “flying discs.” According to Colonel Vitally Sleepover gather more material about the history of the development of the Germans in Antarctica, during the Second World War, at least one such company was transferred to the Antarctic, and here was organized the production of aircraft. With the help of submarines to the southern continent flown in the labor force thousands of concentration camp prisoners, prominent scientists, and their families, as well as members of the Hitler Youth – the gene pool of the future “pure” race.

In the isolated from the underground world city of the Nazi scientists conducted a study on the creation of a superman who was to dominate the world, and improves weapons that would conquer the Earth. That weapon was missiology of alien. Some foreign newspapers at the end of the XX century there were articles in which states that German researchers have discovered Tibet repository of ancient knowledge. Findings were used to design and build at the end of the Second World War fundamentally new aircraft in the form of huge dis Kola Tov capable of reaching a speed of 700 kilometers per hour and fly around the globe.

Now back to the Admiral Byrd expedition. During the first month of the American planes made about 49 thousand pictures of the ice continent in the area of Queen Maud Land. There was a question about the detailed study of its ground troops. And suddenly there was something inexplicable. August 3, 1847, has just begun investigation was immediately collapsed, and ships quickly headed home.

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