How To Activate Dark Mode In YouTube

How To Activate Dark Mode In YouTube

Hey guys these is Shivsharanappa Jeevangi from Mduet . Today in these post you are going  know about   How to enable the dark mode in YouTube

YouTube is evolving day by day thanks to its improvement in the performance and stability , Bunk Fixes and some interesting feature.

One such feature of YouTube that need to talked about its Dark Mode feature, Its a secret feature so many of you might not be aware of these feature.

About the Dark Mode there is nothing to be complicated Dark Mode is a Night Mode version of Youtube dark mode means which you can use it in night or at the deem lights which wont effect to our eyes and it is very easy to use also these is  secret mode though a page to be available in the latest updated version of google chrome that is version 57 and above.

Here is How you can activate the dark mode first open the google chrome  browser and right click of mouse anywhere and open the inspect element  as you can see in the below image

how to activate dark mode in youtube

After opening the inspect element go to the console which will on the top ,  Just copy the script below which is having belowHow To Activate Dark Mode In YouTube


How To Activate Dark Mode In YouTube

And then paste it in the console ,After pasting the script in the console and then tap on the Enter button  once ,And close the developer tool tab  and refresh the page.

At the top right of the page you can see the setting ,

click on  that and enable the Dark Mode and that’s it for these post guys .

How To Activate Dark Mode In YouTube

If you  any query or doubt means don’t hesitate to ask me in the below comments

Thank You .

Here  you can watch the video of  How To Activate Dark Mode In YouTube


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