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How To Unroot Android Devices

If you have rooted your device means its a very easiest method to unroot

How To Unroot Android Devices

Hi all of you am back with another interesting topic which is how to unroot android devices, If you want to unroot your android device means than first your phone must be rooted,

I am going to say you how to unroot your android devices by the SuperSU which is free to download the app for the rooted Android phones.

One main important thing I have to say you all that is store you are personal data’s in your SD card or in your PC’s

There are only six simple steps to unroot your rooted phone

How To Unroot Android Devices

How To Unroot Android Devices

First step:- in the first I would like to say you download and install SuperSU from the Google play store which is free of cost

Second step:-In the second step after installing the super SU and then launch it and there after go to the settings option

Third step:-In the third step know you are in settings option scroll down or cum down until you see the option of “full unroot” after getting that option click on that or tap on it.

fourth step:-In fourth step after that you will be asked to fully unroot the device than if you want to unroot the device means,

Then click on continue option if not you don’t want to unroot the device means you can choose the option of “NO” however you hear too unroot you are device so you choose the option of continue.

Fifth step:-In fifth step after choosing the option of continuing there after SuperSU will be closed automatically, Then you have to restart your phone(switch off it and switch it on)

Sixth step;-In the sixth step when you are device have been unrooted there after you can see in your phone SuperSu file uninstall that file, then your phone has been successfully unrooted know your phone is unrooted.

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